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Interfaith Ministry


Traditional and Civil Partnerships
Renewal of vows


Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same. Emily Bronte

I am an ordained non-denominational Interfaith/Interspiritual minister, a graduate from One Spirit interfaith seminary New York.
I am licensed to marry in the United States subject to each States rules. However, in England it is the venue that is licensed to marry eg if it’s a civil wedding then nothing Spiritual can be included and if it’s a church then you’re expected to be of that faith.

Many couples choose to do the legal part which takes place in the registry office and then follow with a spiritual blessing elsewhere incorporating the believes they hold true to. I have done blessings in Spain in the open air, in a private chapel in the South France and a private garden in Hampton Court. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable of your lives; it is important that your ceremony like all the other details of your wedding reflects who you are; and it’s my delight to be able to assist you; in designing a ceremony that clearly reflects your personal and spiritual preferences.

As a contemporary non- denominational Interfaith celebrant, I embrace and honour all faiths and religious traditions believing that there is one Mountain, but many paths to it...
My fees are donations payable to the CBD Charitable trust which I created to make a difference. See under Charity for further details

Wedding Ceremony: £450
Initial Consultation at venue of your choice*
Contract/Anthology of Diverse Prayers, Poetry and Practises/ A collection of sample Vows to use as written, or inspire you to write your own
Bespoke Ceremony including unlimited drafts of ceremony script (via email)
An Order of service
A personal copy of the wedding ceremony.
A wedding certificate
Expert assistance and guidance through to and including the actual ceremony day

Optional Extras Further consultations £70
Ceremony rehearsal £70 At venue of your choice *

Please contact me for further information!

*Maximum one hour travel from Hampton Court – further distances will incur additional cost of £35per hour based on AA route


David and Lynda Rains

From the moment we met with Rev. Scott we knew that we had found the 'perfect' person to conduct our wedding. She really gets to the heart of you and puts into words the reason that you want this personal ceremony in the first place. We didn't want a church service in a religion that we didn't follow, but something spiritual that reflected our own feelings and understanding of life. Being a second marriage for both of us, it was also really important that our children were an integral part of the service as it really was a union of two families. Ingrid understood all of this perfectly, and with her help, we fashioned a ceremony that was absolutely perfect. From our own very personal vows, readings from best friends and pledges from our children, there really was not a dry eye in the house! Everyone, whether a believer or non, said that it was the most personal and perfect wedding they had ever attended. Ingrid is an authoritative and imposing celebrant but yet gentle, compassionate and humorous, who brings warmth and love to the whole ceremony. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way and can't thank her enough.

Suzi and Dean Irving

When we decided to get married in Spain we knew that it would mean having a short legal wedding ceremony in the UK at a registry office followed by a white wedding blessing in Spain. We planned to start our whole 'wedding weekend' by doing the legal part and then fly straight to Spain to begin the celebrations. This was never a problem for us and we were happy with the way the weekend was planned out - but it wasn't until we started working with Ingrid on the Spanish blessing ceremony that we realised how this would in fact mean that we had complete freedom to plan the most perfect ceremony exactly how we wanted it.

Right from the very first conversations and meeting, Ingrid opened our eyes and minds to the many options available to us, ideas which we have never even considered. She listened to everything we talked about, and the ideas and plans we already had and then supplied us with ways in which to bring these to life through different mediums. The finished product was a beautifully personal wedding which included a variety of readings, ceremonies, prayers, songs and vows and also a mix of modern, Christian and traditional elements. It was completely unique to us whilst still cherishing some of the romantically traditional wedding formalities.

We didn't want to write our own vows, but we did want something more personal than the standard 'repeat after me'. Ingrids solution was a whole plethora of beautiful vows for us to read through and chose from. We each selected the one which summed up best what we wanted to say, and then altered them if necessary to be even more perfect. This was exactly the right option for us - why struggle to right something yourself when there are so many talented writers out there, but our vows and messages of love to each other couldn't have possibly been any more personal.

Ingrid particularly helped us with regards to not just what the ceremony comprised of, but also who was involved - right from the outset she suggested including our friends and family in the proceedings. We wanted to honour our parents who are such a major part of our relationship and Ingrid found us the absolutely perfect way to do this during the ceremony. It was also very easy to get hung up thinking about who would give the most polished performance or feel most confident speaking in the public setting but Ingrid challenged this by asking us to forget that and focus on who were the people most important to us, who we wanted to share this special moment with. We ended up having people involved who were surprised to be asked and who we might not have ever thought of - the result was some beautiful and heart felt readings, and moments filled with emotion which we will cherish forever!

Ingrid is an incredible woman, and we feel truly blessed to have had her help and expertease with our wedding. She opened our eyes to a whole wealth of opportunities and options as well as listened to all of our thoughts and feelings. Then with her guidance and advice, we put the ceremony together like a patch work quilt combining lot's of different elements into exactly the right order. She put in absolutely masses of hard work to finalise it into the finished and polished artical, as well as adding little special touches like a personalised candle for the candles ceremony and specially printed copies of the readings.

Our whole wedding was beyond any expectations we could have ever had, and we were able to share our love with all of our friends and family, as we made a commitment to each other to go forward as husband and wife. The day would not have been the same had Ingrid not been involved and we are truly thankful for everything.

Brian and Graham

After 18 years together with lots of ups and very few downs Graham and I decided to cement out relationship with a civil partnership ,we had a very cold and basic ceremony at our local town hall hmm…… that’s all I will say , Because I knew I would be having a blessing three months later before God family and friends.

I knew I wanted a religious and spiritual blessing in God presence , with GLAMOUR! And Style.
There was only one person who could achieve this Reverend Ingrid Scott! Interfaith Minister. We kept calling it our civil union ceremony but honey this was to be my Wedding ! Grand entrance to Dynasty theme with my Father walking by my side. Flowers champagne food laughter.

Reverend Scott prepared a unique service we were to be her first gay couple she was blessing a great honour for us both . Her personalized ceremony reflected our parents support and love with the true love of friendships bonding and uniting our partnership and union to perfection.

My vows below I share

Graham before God, family and friends present
I choose you, my loved, to stand by and, journey through
this life together
You are my true love, companion, real life hero,
my man of rock .
You fill my heart with joy and laughter.
I promise to stand by you through, success and prosperity
and when the doubt of uncertainty lurks at the door
Today and always I will respect, honour and cherish with compassion,
our life together. May we Live Love and Laugh

Thank you could never be enough for gods blessings bestowed upon us 21st August 2010 .Reverend Ingrid Scott may the lord watch over you always xxx

Interfaith Ministry Interfaith Ministry
Interfaith Ministry

Baby Blessings

Naming Ceremonies
Welcoming a New Adopted Member

Baby Blessings

‘Babies are such a sweet and nice way to start people’ Unknown

There are few joys greater than that of welcoming a new arrival, not only into the family but into the community as well, in the privacy of your own home, garden or somewhere else meaningful. I can create a bespoke ceremony that will be remembered and treasured by all those attending

My fees are donations payable to the CBD Charitable trust which I created to make a difference. See under Charity for further details

Baby Blessings/Naming ceremony/Welcoming of a new child to the family: £195
Initial Consultation
Bespoke Ceremony including a draft of ceremony script
An Order of service
A personal copy of the ceremony.
A Blessing certificate

Attendance on the day

Please contact me for further information!

*Maximum one hour travel from Hampton Court – further distances will incur additional cost of £35per hour based on AA route 


Graham and Lucy naming ceremony for son Kai

We are writing to thank you for the beautiful naming ceremony that you created for our son Kai.
Your words and energy mixed the ceremony with the perfect blend of religious sentiment and family thoughts.
There is nothing more important than family and the welcoming of Kai into our lives in front of the people we care most about was a day that we will all remember.
Thank you for making those memories even better than what we could have hoped. Thank you for making it profoundly special for us and everybody there. You are God's instrument to bring Light, Peace and Love to people.

With warmth and gratitude,
Graham and Lucy

Emma & Richard Robinson naming ceremony for son Alexander

We wanted to acknowledge the birth of our son without the formailities and generic feel of a church service. Ingrid gave us a ceremony that was personal and beautiful and just what we wanted. We gave Ingrid free reign to put the ceremony together and she didn't fail to disappoint. We received a tailored, intimate ceremony for our son that really reflected us. Our friends and family are still talking about it.'

Interfaith Ministry
Interfaith Ministry


House and new business blessings

House and Business Blessings

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Have the joys of Peace Happiness and Prosperity bless your premises with bespoke prayers and affirmations uniquely created for you and your property.

My fees are donations payable to the CBD Charitable trust which I created to make a difference. See under Charity for further details

House/Business Blessing: £120* Includes: Space Sprays and a bespoke blessing for the space

Please contact me for further information!

*Maximum one hour travel from Hampton Court – further distances will incur additional cost of £35per hour based on AA route 

My fees are donations payable to the CBD Charitable trust which I created to make a difference. See under Charity for further details



The blessing we recieved from Reverend Ingrid Scott was overwhelming and powerful. We opened with a blessing and closed with a prayer leaving me feeling moved and hopeful that my business would become a success.

Interfaith Ministry

Memorial Services

Celebration of Life, Funerals and Memorial Services

Funeral/Memorial Service/Celebration of Life

I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well.  ~Diane Ackerman

The ending of our lives is equally as important as the rest of it. Sadly we live in a culture that would prefer not to address or think about it, somehow believing that it would prevent the inevitable... but alas it does not.
What better way than to say your final goodbyes to your loved ones and to allow your final exit to be exactly as you would’ve wished...
That is why I offer the opportunity to write your ceremony whilst your still alive, leaving just the eulogy if you wish for your loved ones to contribute. This allows you to select the readings, songs and poetry that most reflects you and alleviates the stress on the family in their time of sorrow.

My fees are donations payable to the CBD Charitable trust which I created to make a difference. See under Charity for further details

Funerals/Memorial Services/Celebration of Life: £225
Initial Consultation at venue of your choice*
An Order of service
A personal copy of the ceremony

Attendance on the day


Write your service in advance: £120


Initial Consultation
An Order of service
A personal copy of the ceremony

Also for the non-human members of our families – our pets I will write a bespoke memorial service for them. £125

Initial consultation
A personal copy of the ceremony

Please contact me for further information!

*Maximum one hour travel from Hampton Court – further distances will incur additional cost of £35per hour based on AA route 



In March last year I lost my beloved dog, Charlie. Charlie meant the absolute world to me. He was my best friend and saw me through many good times and was especially intuitive and loving during the challenging times. We had a very special bond. I was devastated when I lost him.
Rev. Ingrid very kindly offered to do a memorial for Charlie for the scattering of his ashes. On the day I was very emotional and was almost dreading the experience as I assumed I would be overcome with my grief and the heaviness that comes with such emotions. Rev Ingy, my mother and myself made our way to the landscaped gardens where Charlie and I would walk. I didn't really know where to scatter the ashes. Rev Ingrid so kindly gave me the time I needed and just told me to feel Charlie with us and to follow his lead. It was amazing as I felt his presence immediately and I felt that I was being led to a place that brought back a memory of when he and I were walking and were caught in a rainstorm and we both took refuge on a little wooden bench under a tree. It felt so right. Within a couple of minutes all the people that were nearby had moved on and we were left with the peaceful sounds of nature.
Rev Ingy gave me the time I needed before she started. It was the most beautiful memorial I had ever experienced. As she spoke, her words were easing my heaviness and I was starting to feel uplifted and elated. It was a celebration of Charlie's time here, it was so honourable and loving to him. Rev Ingy's special prayers for Charlie were so carefully and lovingly chosen, her words just flowed so beautifully, I could literally feel the dark cloud that was within me start to lift away. It was comforting and reassuring to me and there was a special presence and atmosphere around us that can't be put into words. I had written a little something in honour and memory of Charlie and had been nervous that I would be too upset to read it. I was able to read it from my heart, I was so grateful as I really wanted to read it without the interruption of my tears, my mother also participated and there was a really loving union between us all. Charlie's loving, happy spirit was also there. I couldn't have asked for a more loving, uplifting memorial and I had never experienced anything like it. As we walked away I felt energised and as though I was walking through clouds of love and happiness. Rev Ingrid explained that that is how memorials should make us feel. I was so happy that my beloved dog had had the privilege of such a beautiful memorial! When we left I bought a plant in memory and celebration of Charlie's life. Since the memorial, when I think of Charlie and perhaps shed a tear, they are not tears of sadness, they are tears of gratitude for having been blessed with such a beautiful being in my life. I am so blessed to have had such a privilege. It was perfect!

Raquel Ashton

  • Know, oh beloved, that we were not created in jest or at random, but marvellously made and for some great end. Al-Ghazzali
  • If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? Dogen
  • "Prayer is the exhaling the spirit of man, and inhaling the spirit of God". Edwin Keith
  • All you have shall some day be given; Therefore give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors. Kahlil Gibran
  • Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Unknown
  • And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. ~Confucius
  • You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it. ~Pat Obuchowski
  • Your soul is all that you possess. Take it in hand and make something of it! ~Martin H. Fischer
  • What we do flows from who we are. ~Paul Vitale
  • Let nothing disturb thee, Nothing affright thee; All things are passing; God never changeth. St Theresa of Avila
Interfaith Ministry

Sunday Soul Connection

Join the payer conference call

Sunday Soul Connection

All the art on this page is from ArtHafez.com

Click here to listen to the past Sunday Prayers!

“There is one spectacle grander than the sea; that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky that is the interior of the soul?. Victor Hugo

We’re all so caught up with the minutiae of our daily lives that we over look what really is essential to the well being of mind, body and Spirit. So in order to meet 21st century needs; I’ve created the Sunday Soul Connection, where; from the comfort of your own home you simply dial in on a conference call number and join with other like minded individuals to pray affirmatively, meditate, vision/ visualize, affirm and set the intention for our lives. ... In combining contemporary ideas and integrating wisdom from the world’s traditions free of creeds and doctrines we aim to empower, inspire and enlighten which can influence how we choose to transform ourselves and our lives and in turn that of our relationships, experiences, and how we then show up in the world.

"Until you can understand that nothing can happen to you, and nothing can come to you or be kept from you; except in accord with your state of consciousness you do not have the key to life?
Paul Twitchell

The Purpose of the Sunday Soul Connection is:

1. To develop a closer relationship with the Infinite Divine Presence within. Whatever you conceive It to be and embrace the interconnectedness of all that is or ever will be

2. To express an attitude of gratitude - which when cultivated enables you to recognise how blessed you already are, and be open and receptive to attracting and receiving more.

3. To cultivate a positive mental attitude - Life responds to our thoughts, it reflects back as our experience exactly what it has been impressed with, so it's important to keep them; along with our words positive and constructive for in doing so we are defined either for growth and unfoldment or for limitation and stagnation.

4. To practice Affirmative Prayer and align ourselves spiritually with a higher truth - Which means we're not petitioning, begging or cajoling the Divine to do something for us, for in truth prayer - is the self asking the Self.

Prayer to me is framing WHATEVER we're seeking a solution to, from the mindset of the answer and not the problem. The Master said WHAT SO EVER YOU DESIRE, WHEN YOU PRAY, BELIEVE YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT. That is the secret to successful praying

“Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view�?, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Simply dial in at 9.58am on Sunday so that we can start promptly at 10am

You might like to ensure that you won't be distracted or disturbed at this time and put your mobiles on silence, and light a candle and incense if you like in the space where you're going to be an if your phone has a mic use that facility as it will make it easier to participate.

1.     Dial your personal dial-in number: 08444 737 133

2.     Enter your PIN when prompted: Participant PIN: 948236

3.     Speak your full name when prompted and you will either join the conference or be put on hold if the conference has not yet started

The call costs ONLY 4p a minute which in these times is a small price to pay for a little SOUL INFUSION!

When I’m not in the country there will be a pre-recording that will be available on the website.

Check below for the dates that will be live and those that will be recorded.



"I love waking up on a Sunday morning to the Sunday Soul Connection. It is a wonderful, inspiring way to start the day. The prayers, poems and topics Rev Ingrid talks about are always so appropriate, inspiring, uplifting and carefully chosen. It's amazing to listen to such a wonderful meditation from the comfort of my own home. I couldn't imagine a better preparation at the beginning of the day - I always seem to have a more fulfilling day after listening and feel relaxed, calm and content! I feel very fortunate to have this privilege! Thank you Rev Ingrid!"

"Sunday Soul connection is a wonderful time to take time out, be still, thank God for all the blessings in our life and learn to evaluate the life journey we are all on."

Service is great as it is....

"For me the Sunday Soul Connection is a wonderful interlude in a busy week. In those 30 mins or so I feel peaceful and uplifted by the beautiful readings and calming meditation. Ingrid's words are heartfelt and inspiring and always help me reconnect to my inner self. I can highly recommend it as the perfect start to a Sunday morning and the week ahead"

"I wondered how it might work phoning in on a Sunday; it is amazing, a mellow and meaningful way to start Sundays and sets me up well for the week ahead......."

"Spiritual medicine for my soul - a great opportunity to reflect, give thanks and re-energise for the week ahead!"

"Sunday Soul Connection is spiritually up lifting, sharing and praying with others in your quiet space with Rev Scotts' guidance from our lord is inspiring."

"SSC is a beautiful, harmonious and peaceful way to start the day with thought provoking consequences.."

"A wonderful, comforting half hour to set your intentions for the week + a lovely reminder to focus + give thanks. - Gentle + relaxing"

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